Student Spotlight features performances, compositions and recitals from the students of our Academy. Each month we showcase the best performances by our students in the Shankar Mahadevan Academy - Student Spotlight Series. 

Hindustani Vocals

Salil Argade - Raga Alhaiya Bilaval Chhota Khayal set to Teentaal 'Kara Mana Nita Prabhu Dhyan' 

Carnatic Vocals

Sivaramakrishnan Krishna Iyer - Raga Chitta Ranjani Kriti 'Nadam Tanumanisham' 

Inspire India Project, Mumbai

End Term Finale Performance by IIP Mumbai Students with Shivam Mahadevan

Inspire India Project, Bengaluru

Performance at Dignity Foundation, Bengaluru
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- Performed at (Event Name - Venue - City)
- Short description about the Song/Raag/Ragam/Bandish 

If you clear the screening process your performance will be published on the Student Spotlight page.

Please note that submitting the enteries does not imply that your performance will be published. It will be evaluated for quality parameters based on which it may or may not be published.